This is Travis. Travis is an 8-year-old dachshund. In his younger days, he loved to compete in obedience trials. Around Thanksgiving, Travis’ family found him lying in the yard, unable to move his hind end. They brought him in to All Creatures, and upon examination he was diagnosed with intervertebral disc disease. Travis began treatment for his condition and slowly began responding to medications prescribed by Dr. Wendy Smith as part of his treatment plan. Sadly, there is no cure for Travis’ condition; his owners can only hope to manage his pain and give him the best quality of life they can. Last Friday, Travis’ family dropped him off to be fitted for a wheelchair. He spent the day with us getting used to his new legs, and at the end of the day, the dog’s owners were greeted by a peppy, mobile pup!

        The wheelchair that gave this patient the Christmas gift of mobility was donated to our hospital by a family with a special story of their own. Baltazar, the unlikely hero of our story, was  a boston terrier who was born lame and lived only 9 short months. After his passing, his family donated his wheelchair to All Creatures in hopes of helping another family in need.

         What a pleasure it is to work with these dear clients who are willing to share their stories to brighten our holiday season!

In Loving Memory of Baltazar

“He only lived 9 months, but he touched our hearts like no other.”

-Matt and Karen, Baltazar’s owners


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