Just imagine: You don’t brush your teeth for 1 week; how gross would they be? Now think about your dog that NEVER brushes its teeth.

8 out of 10 dogs that walk in our door have periodontal disease. That means pain, infection, and some degree of tooth decay that results from the bacterial growth that is constantly occurring in the mouth.  Many dogs need tooth extractions at early ages to relieve pain from this disease. Often dogs don’t show signs of this pain, but when the disease is treated they feel much better. 

Up until now we have had trouble maintaining dental health between dental cleanings because owners have a hard time brushing their dog’s teeth, but we are happy to announce that we now carry Oravet chews! This is a great new product that contains Demopinol, an ingredient used by dentists in human oral rinses that prevents plaque and tartar accumulation. This ingredient leaves a protective coating on the teeth that repels the food debris and sugars from the food that feed bacteria. The chews also help to mechanically remove plaque and tartar as they are being chewed. Dogs love them, and when given once a day they can make a significant impact on oral health. Your dog will still need annual dental evaluation but when these chews are given regularly, they help to kill the bacteria that cause dental disease.  We are excited by the prospect of minimizing the damage done to our patients’ mouths throughout the year from dental to dental.

Periodontal disease can lead to heart, kidney, and other systemic diseases, not to mention the pain that it causes. So the first step in bettering your dog’s health is to get dental evaluation, and now is a good time to do that. February is National Pet Dental Health Month! After your free dental assessment, we will be able to get you scheduled for a cleaning. Please call our office at (870) 425-5175 if you have any questions and to schedule your pet’s assessment. Let’s start this year off right with better-than-ever dental hygiene!



Dr. Erin Cranfill graduated from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003. For a full bio, visit http://allcreaturesmh.com/cranfill.html


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